BULK Veneer Box (15+ Sq Ft)

Image of BULK Veneer Box (15+ Sq Ft)

Looking for a LARGER Veneer Variety for your company or personal deck needs? Grab a BULK BOX to save over HALF the price from my pre-cut packs of veneer! This box comes packed with over 15 sq. ft. of your choice of either Maple + Walnut, Exotics, Dyed Veneer or even a Variety Box for a nice selection of everything. I have over 45 exotic strains of Veneer along with over 15 Different Professionally Dyed colors! Choose what works best for you!

-There will be at least 50 Sheets of Veneer in each box

-Each sheet of veneer is 1/42" or 0.6mm Thick (Perfect for 5-ply Fingerboards)

-Each box of veneer is cut into 5" x 8" sheets in order to pack it as fat as I possibly can

-I will include a PRE-CUT Premium Option if you don't have the tools to cut it yourself or simply want it cut ahead of time (Cut 2 x 5" each to fit any Fingerboard Mold)

*Every box will include your choice of Veneer, various FBC stickers, Stashman Vinyls, and some cool extras for your support!

**Every order is packed safely in a Small Flat Rate Box shipped (USPS Priority 2-Day) and processed within 24hrs of your purchase