• Image of Engraved "Black Velvet"
  • Image of Engraved "Black Velvet"
  • Image of Engraved "Black Velvet"
  • Image of Engraved "Black Velvet"
  • Image of Engraved "Black Velvet"

This Engraved Black Velvet is a LIMITED EDITION Tape and some Designs may not be produced again. This is the 2018 Lineup and all Designs are IN Stock! There were only 25 of each design produced...get your hands on these before they're gone!

"Black Velvet” is a high quality material that has a unique worn in feeling straight out of the package. This extremely grippy tape will get better with use without wearing out too quickly. This is not your average neoprene rubber or foam tape, this is something ENTIRELY different.

*Every sheet is 1mm thin and cut 110mm (long) x 38mm (wide) to properly fit any Fingerboard

-There are Currently 3 Options for purchasing Engraved Tape:

Option #1: Comes in a 2 pack with 1 of each Engraved design
-Your choice of the "Supreme Spoof" Pack with 1 "Connoisseur" box logo and 1 "Black Velvet" Box logo.
-The "BV Connoisseur" Pack with 1 NEW "Black Velvet" Checkered Design and 1 NEW "Stashman" Stamp Print.

Option #2
"All Designs" 4 Pack, gives you 1 sheet of each engraved Black Velvet Designs for 2018 - 1 of each "Supreme Spoof" Design and 1 of each Black Velvet/Stashman Design.

Option #3
"Combo 8pk" Includes all 4 Engraved Designs and an additional non-engraved 4 pack of Black Velvet both discounted by $1. This is the best bang for your buck!

-Each pack includes your preferred quantity of tape, 1 FBC Stashman Vinyl, 1 "Supreme Spoof" Vinyl, Various FBC Stickers and our "Grab and Go" Metallic Packaging

*All these engravings are produced with an extremely High Quality laser engraver at a fabrication lab. Each design was engraved with more depth for a nice thinner tape that looks and feels incredible!

**All Orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail (2-5 days) packed safely in a bubble mailer and processed within 24hrs of placing your order. You will be emailed your tracking number once it has been shipped.