• Image of FBC x DIY "Play" Shape Mold (PRO EDITION)
  • Image of FBC x DIY "Play" Shape Mold (PRO EDITION)
  • Image of FBC x DIY "Play" Shape Mold (PRO EDITION)
  • Image of FBC x DIY "Play" Shape Mold (PRO EDITION)
  • Image of FBC x DIY "Play" Shape Mold (PRO EDITION)

New from FBC and DIY Fingerboards!

FBC has teamed up with DIY Fingerboards to provide you a premium mold kit for the best possible value. This mold features low concave, medium kicks and a hint of concave in the kicks for a realistic ride with maximum control. This "Play" Shape is the exact same shape I started my company with! My team and I loved it so much that I've decided to share the shape with all of you!

3D printed from premium filament and on a Prusa MK3S for an unbelievably durable mold.

Molds have a pressing area of 115x40mm, big enough to press virtually any size deck you can think of. Each mold has 8 metal pins on the top half to mark where the mounting holes need to be drilled. Not only that, the bottom half of the mold features built in drill guides so you always have two options to drill your board's holes perfectly every time.

Templates have 4 metal pins installed to help you perfectly align them onto your deck after drilling for a perfect outline of the shape.

If you ever wanted to start making your own boards, this is the best possible way. This mold was proudly designed and tested by FBC.

This new "Pro Kit" will provide you with more Veneer (Enough Maple to make 2 Fingerboards), and a 3rd "Hybrid" shaping template.

With your PRO kit you get the following:
1x FBC X DIY "Play Shape" Mold
1x 32.5 x 96.5mm "Popsicle" Shape Template
1x 34mm x 96mm "Pool" Shape Template
1x 34mm x 96.5mm "Hybrid" Shape Template
1x FBC x DIY Veneer Template
10 Sheets of Maple Veneer (Enough to make 2 Fingerboards)
FBC Vinyl Stickers

You will not find this kit anywhere else, this is an FBC exclusive!

DISCLAIMER: FBC and DIY Fingerboards are not responsible for any injuries or damages from misuse of this mold kit. Do not use mold in a hydraulic press. If using a vise or clamps, please make sure to use pieces of hardwood between the mold and clamping area to protect the mold and evenly distribute pressure. Exercise extreme caution when shaping decks and make sure proper ventilation and filters are in place.

*All orders are processed within 24-48hrs and shipped USPS Priority 2-Day in a small flat rate box.