• Image of Lakewood “Big Ideas” (Potential)
  • Image of Lakewood “Big Ideas” (Potential)
  • Image of Lakewood “Big Ideas” (Potential)

Lakewood is based out of Ohio and all products are handmade by Brandon Garza.
The time has finally come, and real wear graphics have finally arrived for Lakewood Productions. These graphics will wear down just like an actual skateboard would with use over time. They also have a very sleek appearance to capture the energy that drives Lakewood onward and upward.

These decks are made with real wear heat transfer graphics, just like skateboards!

Deck Shape: Popsicle
Mold: Potential (Medium kicks, Medium Concave)
Size: - 34.5mm x 97.5mm

-Each deck includes: 1 Sheet of Black Velvet and various FBC Vinyl Stickers

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