Level Up "Beta Bushing" - 32mm Tuned Trucks

Image of Level Up "Beta Bushing" - 32mm Tuned Trucks

Level Up "Beta Bushings" are molded Urethane bushings that are extremely responsive and perfect for loose to medium riding. These bushings are available in 8 different colors to match any setup perfectly! You can also switch things up with a Level Up X FBC Colab pack that includes 2 “Barrel” Style Beta Bushings and 4 Matching FBC O-Rings. This delivers a responsive and unique feel for loose or tight riders and offers two extra bushings for when you need it! There are many colors to choose from so what're you waiting for...get yourself tuned up with the best!

-Both of these options are available with or without FBC G2 bearing wheels for an additional $5 upgrade ($5.99 retail)

-Colab packs will include
2 “Barrel” shaped Beta bushings
4 Matching FBC O-Rings (unless a different color is specified in the notes)
2 Top Washers
1 Level Up Sticker and FBC Vinyls

Each set includes:
32mm TD trucks
Two Top "Cone" Shaped Beta Bushings
Two Bottom "Barrel" Shaped Beta Bushings
Two Top Washers
8 Mounting Screws
6 Nuts/Bolts
1 Level Up Sticker, Various FBC Stickers and 1 "Stashman" Vinyl

*Please indicate which color wheels you would like or "White" will be chosen for you

**Each order is packed safely in a bubble mailer and shipped USPS First Class Mail (2-5 days) within 24hrs of your purchase