FBC G2 Lock Nuts

Image of FBC G2 Lock Nuts

These NEW G2 Lock Nuts are made of High Quality Stainless Steel with a transparent nylon locking system that is very durable. No worries about losing your wheels or breaking the bank!

-Available in a 4 pack, 6 pack or Individuals for "First Aid" purposes

-Currently Available in a NEW "20 pack" for those who like to stock up!
Only $14.99 saving you ($4.99) on your total purchase *Limited Time Offer*

-Each pack includes 1 large "Stashman" Vinyl and Various FBC stickers

*These fit BRTs Y-Trucks, Dynamics and Tech Deck Trucks

**These fit Tech Deck tools, and most other common fingerboard tools

***All orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped USPS First Class mail safely in a Bubble Mailer (2-5 Days)