Inverted Kingpins (For Y-Trucks)

Image of Inverted Kingpins (For Y-Trucks)

These Stainless Steel Kingpins are Phillips Head Replacement screws that fit perfectly in Y-Truck X3, X4 and even Tech Deck Trucks with some DIY work! Whether your older kingpins are stripped, you would like a new look or just want some extras on's a great start! These Silver Kingpins come in two sizes depending on your preference. One shorter pin same length as dynamic trucks for tighter trucks or smaller bushings (FBC O-Rings for Example). The longer screws work better for thicker styled (Bubble Bushings or Beta Bushings for example) or those who prefer a loose ride.

-Grab a single set, 5 pack, 10 pack or save a buck with an FBC tuning set to get your setup upgraded to the next level!

-Each set includes (2) Stainless Steel or Black Oxide Philips Head Kingpins and 1 FBC "Stashman" Vinyl

*Deck, Trucks, and wheels not included

*These screws CAN fit the base plates of Tech Deck trucks and 29mm Tech Deck hangers (after removing the kingpins). When using them on new 32mm Tech Deck Trucks you may need to drill the hole of the hanger slightly to allow passage of the screw and possibly drill or tap the threads of the kingpin hole after removing the kingpins. (Use safely at your own discretion)

**Kingpins in first picture from left to right (Short Silver Philips Head Kingpin, Black Standard Size Replacement Kingpin, and far right - Longer Silver Philips Head Kingpin)

***All orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail (2-5 Days) processed within 24 hours and shipped inside a bubble mailer