At FingerBoard Connoisseur, we want everybody to feel like a PRO using our products. Sourcing only premium and exotic wood veneer, we design and hand-make high quality 5-ply fingerboards. Decks can also be designed to incorporate shell inlay bottoms, metal bottoms, carbon fiber, split plies, and colored veneer. We provide basic, exotic, and dyed veneer, in addition to the grippiest tape around: FBC tape. So whether you choose custom or ready-made decks, you can rest assured that your product is truly unique and crafted to perfection.

Fingerboard Connoisseur offers two different shapes to meet the demands of any rider! 

"Work" Shape - Medium kicks and medium concave. This is the "OG" FBC mold and what started it all!

"Play" Shape - Medium-low kicks and low concave. Mellow happy fellow!

Choose what works for you and enjoy!